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Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that the cause of most ailments is spiritual or energetic in nature. Shamans enter altered states of consciousness to communicate with other realms of reality for the purpose of gathering information and effecting energy. The purpose of shaman's journey is to help the patient or community to rediscover their greater connection to nature and spirit and help restore balance and harmony into their lives.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man. It has survived over 30,000 years due to its ability to adapt to different times, places and cultures but primarily due to the practical results it produces. The term "shaman", now widely used, originated in Siberia and means "walker between worlds". A shaman essentially mediates between this world (ordinary reality) and the spirit world (non ordinary reality) by entering into altered states and interacting with compassionate beings in “spirit” world. These beings are sometimes referred to as power animals or spirit helpers and can be ancestors as well.

All indigenous cultures world-wide are rooted in shamanic traditions and even industrialized cultures including Europe and the United Kingdom have a history of shamanism. Each culture has its own unique ceremonies, rituals, stories and practices that have evolved in relationship to the land, nature, and the cosmos. As varied as each shamanic culture may be however, anthropologist and those who have worked with shamans in various parts of the world have found that most shamanic cultures share “core” practices that are universal.

Today, shamans continue to be a primary source of healing and assistance in many parts of the world. There is also a vital re-emergence of shamanism in the western world, where it is being adapted and integrated into modern culture. Shamanic healing supports regeneration to one's entire being by recovering soul parts, restoring vital essence and removing impeding spiritual and energetic influences. Both ancient and contemporary, shamanism has much to offer at this time as we have created a world that is badly out of balance. As we heal ourselves, restoring balance and harmony within, we also effect healing and harmony without.