The theory behind this type of healing is that our energy system, when we go through a traumatic experience, becomes imprinted with the experience. Our chakras act as the interface between the energetic plane and the physical/emotional plane. This imprint is uploaded by the chakra and stored in our aura holographically, meaning it is everywhere at once. When something occurs in our lives later to trigger the experience, the imprint reenters the originally affected chakra and begins running our lives so that we repeat the old pattern. Many deeply emotional experiences tend to “catch us” so that we end up being reactionary rather than making fully conscious choices about our responses. What I do during these healings is activate the pattern the client wishes to heal, and then I help remove the pattern permanently from the affected chakra. Once the pattern is removed, I overwrite the chakra so it cannot be reimprinted unless the person has a similar traumatic experience. Results can be dramatic or subtle. Sometimes another deeper pattern is discovered underneath the presenting one.

Solid and Fluid Extractions

The Illumination process moves blocked or stagnant energy due to trauma out of the affected chakra. However, sometimes the energy becomes solidified to the point where some of the energy must be removed by hand. When the body is scanned, the dense energy left over can appear as objects such as sticks, knives, swords, clothing, armor, etc. Usually this energy is ready to come out and is called a solid extraction.
Sometimes a chronic injury can have trouble healing because of one of these solid energies has been activated within the energy body. The normal energy of the body does not flow well because of the blockage. When the solid energy is removed, healing can proceed along rapidly.
Another type of energy that cannot be removed by the Illumination process is a fluid or moving energy. Usually this energy hooks into a chakra but is free to move around the body. Sometimes these energies are thought forms that have enough consciousness to them that they can sound like voices or personalities that do not belong to us. This type of energy is removed using an extraction crystal. I use a clear quartz double terminated 12 sided crystal. First I run energy up the spine to loosen any fluid energies from the chakras, and then I help coax the energy into the crystal. Clients can sometimes feel where the energy is moving within their body and when it leaves their body and moves into the crystal.

Soul Retrieval

When we undergo a traumatic event in our lives, we can feel like we've lost our vitality or our power, and we can even become physically ill and/or emotionally dissociated after this happens. From the shamanic point of view, we have lost a piece of our souls. The healthy soul part that has left us has left in an attempt to protect itself. In some cases pieces of our soul can be given or stolen from us by others. Most of the population is in need of a soul retrieval in which the soul part is brought back to the client and then the client reintegrates the soul part into their energy body. Sometimes these soul parts have been gone for so long that they feel alien to us when they are returned. The shaman journeys to the soul part, discovers what the original wounding was (usually metaphorically), breaks and rewrites old contracts that keep the soul part lost, and then returns the soul part along with any gifts or power animals that will help the soul part reintegrate.

Many times someone who has undergone a trauma will be in therapy for years, but will improve only to a certain degree. They may understand intellectually what their issues are, but not seem to move past them. From the shaman's point of view, this person is first in need of having the traumatic imprint cleared from the energy body. Then, the shaman retrieves the part of the soul that left so that it could survive the original trauma. When this part is brought back, the person now has new consciousness and resources that she or he did not before, because the soul part was gone. The effect of a soul retrieval can be so profound that the client may not even notice that they are behaving differently, although their loved ones are flabbergasted at the switch. Sometimes physical conditions are also helped by soul retrieval as a side effect.

Divination/IChing Reading

Apart from being a book of wisdom in the ancient Chinese tradition, the I Ching was also consulted on questions of state, warfare and personal decision making. It is this aspect of it which we deal with here. Consulting the I Ching does not present us with statements of what will happen as a fated future. The wisdom behind the book does not see the future as unalterably fixed, but rather like a constantly shifting flux similar to the seasons, with which we can interact. What we receive in a consultation is like a conversation with a wise and experienced friend, who through their experience might point out that if we take our present course within the situation as it stands, the results might be in a direction we do not wish - but if we take another attitude circumstances could change, then we can act more forcefully and effectively. Clients generally find the readings to be amazingly accurate and helpful.