Articles on Shamanism
and Healing

Imagination, Belief, Intellect and Knowledge

A wise man once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Clearly however, most of our contemporary culture does not view it as such. Read More...

Monsters or Madness?

Over the past year or so, I have noticed an ever increasingtendency of people wanting to discuss with me, a very serious and "dark" subject. Read More...

Rethinking the "Nature" of evil

Most of us believe we have a good idea of what "evil" is. It is the opposite of all that is good and wholesome. It is the antagonist, the "bad guys" in the perennial Good vs. Evil epic myths, that are described over and over, in the stories that we were raised on. Read More...



Eagle Medicine Shamanic Healing Center is a physical manifestation of an internal process that began for me several years ago. It is a "labor of love" that my path has led me to following a profound spiritual awakening, that occurred in the spring of 2002. That one glorious experience broke me free from the shackles of atheism and initiated me in to the world of spirit (or energy if you prefer). It is the world of "E" in Einstein's famous equation E=MC². This is the same world that our top scientists deal with in quantum physics, where the expectation (belief) of the scientist affects the outcome of the experiment. It is a world where, on the most fundamental level, all things are interconnected and it is the world where the shaman works.

It is important to note that anyone can take part in the Shamanic Healing process. It is not a religion or club.
It is a method of healing that can and has been practiced by Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Celts, Native Americans and all other peoples on Earth.


Eagle Medicine is located in beautiful Lake Arrowhead. A mile above seal level above the congestion, smog and noise you will find the perfect setting to experience shamanic healing. Making the journey up the mountain to the fresh mountain air, cool blue lake and plentiful trees will help put you in the correct frame of mind for deep work.


Eagle Medicine is first and foremost in business to help in healing individuals and thus the world. It is my philosophy that outer balance and harmony can only be achieved by first bringing inner balance and harmony. If we want to see peace out in the world, we must first establish peace within us.


Since our primary focus at Eagle Medicine is to heal, I have adopted the following business policies. First off, I keep my fees as low as possible. I work out of my home so I can keep the overhead as low as possible. My rate is $90 per hour. Next, if you are on a limited income, I will charge you on a sliding scale pricing plan that works for you. Finally, if after your first session you do not feel that you received anything of therapeutic value, there will be no charge what so ever and no questions asked.