Carl Helmle is a shamanic practitioner who operates Eagle Medicine in Lake Arrowhead, California. He has studied with master healers Stanislav Grof, Michael Harner, Hank Wesselman, Linda Fitch and Alberto Villoldo. He has completed the Four Winds Society's two year "Healing the Light Body Program" and has been certified by them.


In his practice, Carl primarily uses the ancient art of energy medicine. This is the same energy that Acupuncturists and Reiki Masters work with. The particular sacred "technology" taught by the Four Winds Society and that Carl uses, comes to us from Peru. It is a melding of the traditions of the high Andean Q'ero and the rain forest shamans of the Amazon. The procedures that come from these traditions and that he employs include; illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval and dream manifesting. In addition to his energy healing, Carl is passionate and proficient in the ancient art of divination. He employs a few different methods, but his favorite is the 4,000 year old Chinese system I-Ching (The book of Changes). Prior to walking the "shamanic" path, Carl was a successful commercial real estate agent and investor living and working in Orange County.

After experiencing an unexpected and life altering spiritual calling in 2002, his passions and priorities changed profoundly. He sold his real estate portfolio, quit his job and moved up to the tranquil and majestic mountains of Lake Arrowhead, California. There he began focusing his time and energy on his family, communing with nature, creating art and in developing his relationship to spirit.

In addition to running his shamanic practice, Carl is a certified wildlife care provider and long time volunteer at Wild Haven Ranch, where he works with raccoons, coyotes and birds of prey. He also teaches students art as part of the Meet the Masters program at Lake arrowhead Elementary and is affiliated with Awakening in the Dream House, a healing center outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that specializes in curing addiction and psycho-spiritual development. I am the Co-Editor of the Shamanism page for